Revell 04619 Tornado GR.1 RAF 1:72

Aircraft Background on kit decals

Before I will start building my aircraft it’s always good to know the background of it and how it does look like in real.

This model kit comes with two decals which you can also see on the scalemates page unther markings for this kit.–143943

When digging in a bit more on those two planes to see some real life footage I found this picture of Jeremy Gould where luckily both of the planes seem to be on it. this shot is from 1998.

Some further research showed me another photo of the ZA462/CG where the paintings are similar to the ZD748/AK.

Aircraft image Large size

Basically you can build both planes with the camo paintings despite the decals are also different on both of them especially when you watch the front decals.

So that said Revell refers in its building instructions to both of the planes on the 1998 paintings. To get some more hands-on with camo painting I chose to build the 17th Sqn. ZD748/AK. which you can see in more detail on the link below.

Thanks for this photo Aldo Bidini.

Box Contains

This box contains the following:
* Building manual containing 23 pages and 65 steps
* Decals sheet
* 5 frames of grey plastic sprue
* 2 frames of clear plastic sprue

We already mentioned the two planes you can build, but the decals pane is pretty nice and has lots of decals. also for the weapons that come along with the plane they have decals which makes it even more detailed.

The quality of the frames could have been better, however I’ve also seen way worse so it’s ok. the parts are well detailed so that’s good, and for the extra plastic on it, it seems to go off pretty quick. If I need to give it a number that will be 6/10.

Now that everything in the box is checked and sorted its time to get started.
Before we will actually build it, its time to clean the plastic with a toothbrush and some soap. this will make the plastic less fat and should give us a better job on painting.

Please read more on the next post.

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